We expect high standards of dress from students at Endeavour High School, reflecting the pride they have in their school. We have deliberately chosen a uniform which is recognisable, and which reflects this pride  All students must present themselves for school in full uniform, and with the correct sports kit and equipment.  Any student who does not comply with the school's uniform code will be given a detention. Repeated wearing of the wrong clothing or shoes will result in the child either being given a detention or being sent home to collect missing items of uniform.

All items of clothing must be marked with the owner's name so that missing articles can be traced.

Uniform Order Form


Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) can only be purchased through the school.

  • Plain black trousers (not cords, jeans or track suit bottoms)
  • Girls may wear plain black skirts.  These should not be the extremes of fashion -
    neither too long, too short or ankle length
  • Plain white (non polo) shirt, with collar.  Either long or short sleeved
  • School tie - must be worn correctly and fastened to waist length
  • V-Neck school jumper (optional) *
  • School Blazer *
  • Plain black ankle socks. Girls may wear black or flesh coloured tights
  • Shoes:  black, flat shoes only. Trainers, boots, sling backs, heels or platforms are
    not allowed


Correct kit is compulsory, and must be worn at all times.  Valuables must be given to the PE staff for safekeeping.  Approved jewellery must be removed for PE/Games.  PE staff cannot accept responsibility for jewellery, valuables or money handed in for safekeeping, although everything possible will be done to safeguard property.


  • School reversible outdoor games shirt *
  • Plain black shorts
  • School football socks - plain black
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms are acceptable in cold weather, at the discretion of the PE staff
  • Rugby or football boots, as required


  • School polo shirt *
  • Black socks
  • Plain black shorts
  • Clean training shoes with non-marking soles


All new pupils receive a starter uniform free of charge which consists of a blazer, tie and PE shirt.

Uniform can be ordered at any time during the school term by filling in an order form. This must be returned in a sealed envelope, complete with cash or a cheque (supported by a valid banker's card) to the school office. The school cannot accept credit or debit cards. All items of uniform must be paid for in full at the time of purchase and items cannot be "reserved" for future purchase. The school does not offer credit under any circumstances. 

Anyone who has any queries about the school uniform must contact Ms Hick, Finance Officer, on 313600.


For information on uniform grants and free school meals please contact Kingston upon City Council on 01482 300300. Applications should be made in good time for the start of the school year.


To avoid risk of loss or damage, and in the interests of Health and Safety, students should not wear jewellery to school.

The only items of jewellery allowed are one plain stud or small, plain sleeper in the base of each ear and a wristwatch.

Other forms of body piercing present real problems of safety, particularly in PE.

Frequent removal increases the risk of infection.

For these reasons, body piercing, apart from ears, is not allowed at Endeavour High School.

Please note that the school cannot take responsibility for any items of jewellery which are lost or mislaid.