PE Extra Curricular Activities

Our Physical Education curriculum is reinforced with an extensive out of school hours learning programme (OSHL). Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. We are rightly proud of the progress made over the last few years in providing an outstanding level opportunity for students of all abilities to experience an activity of their choice.

Autumn Term After School Clubs at Endeavour Sports Centre - 3.10-4.10 pm

Day                                Club                                                 Staff

Tuesdays                        Volleyball Club                                   Mrs Adamus

                                      Trampolining                                      Hearty Lives

                                      Football - Year 8                                Mr Stephenson

                                      Football - Year 9                                Mr Caley

Wednesdays                   Football - Year 10                              Mr Williams

                                      Street Dance                                     Hearty Lives

                                      Fitness Suite                                     PE Staff

Thursdays                       Karate                                              Hearty Lives

                                      Year 7,8,9 Netball                              Miss Rowe

                                      Football - Year 11                              Mr Williams

                                      Football - Year 7                                Mr Sprintall

                                      Boxing Fitness                                  Miss Glazer

Some clubs change on a half termly basis in order to cover as wide a range of activities as possible.

Pupils should ensure that they request and complete a PE parental consent form if they wish to attend one or more of the clubs and return it to PE staff.