P.E at Endeavour High School


Our core PE curriculum aims to offer students the opportunity to develop into independent and creative thinkers who are able to work effectively in teams as well as individuals in a safe environment.  The broad and balanced variety of activities offered encourages students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in order to become effective participators. The focus is on increasing participation and to create sustainable opportunities for all to experience purposeful physical activity. Students are challenged to develop their skills taking on opportunities to develop leadership and officiating through their understanding of games.


Key Stage 3


Pupils are provided with a variety of activities which allow students to access all areas of the curriculum, such as; Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Basketball, Trampolining, Tennis, Cricket, Climbing, Softball, Rounders, Athletics, Gymnastics, Fitness, Dance and Outdoor Adventurous Activities.


Year 7


Students in Year 7 are introduced to a series of multi skill activities during their first term. This aims to challenge students in a vast range of physical skills required during the large variety of physical activity they will cover in their time at Endeavour.


Year 7 students will experience a range of sports in line with the national curriculum covering a sport in the following categories; invasion games, striking and fielding games, net and wall games, gymnastics and athletics. Students will develop key skills to promote team work, fair play and learning through physical activity. A large focus on skill acquisition and development aims for students to show outstanding progress in all the activities they participate in.


Year 8


Students in Year 8 experience a greater range of activities and take part in basketball, badminton and use of the fitness suite. Students discover the importance of fitness and relate physical activity to healthy living. Students will have timetabled opportunity to use the multi gym and look at different types of fitness training such as resistance, circuit and fartlek training.


Students continue to take part in a range of sporting activities in line with the national curriculum. Students expand their learning and concentrate on greater depth in understanding and explaining the learning that is taking place. Students are challenged to justify their use of tactics and decisions in order to demonstrate outstanding progress and understanding.


Key Stage 4


Year 9


Students continue with core P.E by enhancing their skill development in a range of activities across the year. Students now look at advanced techniques and are challenged to develop their skills to improve their performance. Students use video equipment to review their performance and analyse their technique and understanding of the skills they have performed. Students share ideas developing their thinking and literacy skills as they are challenged to use sport specific language in order to communicate.


BTEC Sport


Students in Year 9 can opt in to complete the BTEC Certificate. This allows Year 9 students to use the skills they have developed in P.E to achieve a GCSE qualification before they enter Year 10. Students will complete the two core units in practical and theory sessions using video analysis, group discussion and research tasks to achieve the grading criteria. The students will cover two units throughout the year focusing on fitness training and practical sport.


Fitness Training and Testing


  • Fitness elements required for excellence in a selected sport.
  • Lifestyle factors that can affect an athlete.
  • Completing fitness tests and analysing their personal level of fitness.
  • Psychological factors that can hinder sporting performance.


Practical Sport


  • Develop understanding of the rules and tactics required in one individual and one team sport.
  • Understanding and taking on the role of the officials in sport.
  • Create and use an observation checklist to review the performance of athletes in sport.
  • Use video analysis to discuss performance of themselves and others.