ICT and Media

The ICT and Media department at Endeavour High School aims to inspire students to learn about technology and embrace technology. This is important because technology is a part of many areas of our everyday lives. We offer a broad and exciting curriculum which inspires and encourages young people to become knowledgeable, confident and independent around technology, now and in the future as adults.  The programmes of study take into account the abilities, aptitude and development of our diverse pupil population.  Students should develop lively, enquiring minds and be able to apply themselves to practical and theoretical tasks.

As a department we have high expectations and encourage high aspirations in our students.   The team have extensive experience in delivery of the subject and offer an exciting and dynamic approach which keeps pace with the rapid rate of technological change. We use a wide range of software including the internet, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentation software, animation software, film making software, design software, database and modelling software. The hardware includes computers, scanners, printers, digital cameras, movie cameras, microphones, headphones and graphics tablets.  This vast array hardware and software is an indication of the excellent facilities we offer in the ICT and Media department. Each of the three computer suites contains 31 networked PCs.

We are encouraging the use of the Virtual learning Environment (VLE) as we increase and improve the content. The VLE has facilities for students to upload their work so it available wherever they can access the internet. They submit their work to the teacher for marking using the VLE and they can also have online discussions about their work with the teachers. The VLE has the facility for parents and carers to access grades and teacher comments.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we aim to develop pupil’s appreciation and understanding of ICT. We follow the KS3 National Strategy for ICT. Students have the opportunity to use the excellent facilities to work on various projects.  These range from designing and creating simple documents to games design and database manipulation.  Some of the student projects can be uploaded to our website including podcasts and videos.

Key Stage 4

We have just started our new course The Edexcel GCSE in ICT which comprises of two units. unit 1 Living in a Digital World and unit 2 Using Digital Tools.  The Edexcel GCSE in ICT (Double Award) comprises four units.  Units 1 and 2 as above, as well as unit 3 Exploring Digital Design and unit 4 Creating Digital Products

Through this course we will provide an opportunity for students to gain extensive knowledge in theory and practical aspects of ICT as well as prepare them for an examination and a controlled assessment. Students learn about topics such as digital devices, online shopping, how a computer works on and how to setup a home network. They not only learn what a Digital device is they get the opportunity to design and create one such a game or a website. The examination is worth 40% of the final grade and the practical assessments are worth 60% of the final grade.