E - Safety Guidance

Here are some links to useful resources and websites that will help you understand how your children use the Internet and what you can do to help them keep safe.


Chid Exploitation and Online Protective Centre

This website from, from the Chid Emploitation and Online Protective Centre, has a section dedicated to parents with lots of useful advice.  In particular check out the parent webcast.

Get Net Wise

As well as lots of information on how to keep your children safe, this website has a very useful video tutorial showing how you can set privacy settings and parental controls on your computer.


Social Networking

This website, from ChildNet International, gives some useful advice on social networking, which lots of young people use on a daily basis.

Get Safe On-Line

This website encourages everyone to take some time out to learn more about internet safety and to make sure that their computer is properly protected. It has lots of useful tips about online shopping and identity theft.

Connect Safely

This website is American, but contains useful information for parents on how young people are using technology, and what the risks may be.

NSPCC Advice for Parents

The NSPCC website has a section for parents with advice on Internet safety.

Know IT All for Parents

This website provides a unique, interactive guide to help you keep up to date with how children use the Internet and how you can support them in keeping safe.  It is produced by ChildNet International.


The MyGuide website provides a range of free online courses to help adults who are less confident users of computers and technology.  As well as a whole range of general courses, the site inlcudes courses on keeping yourself and your family safe online.

Mobile Phones

A site from Ofcom offering advice on how to keep children safe when using location based services on mobile phones.  This site is also provides advice and guidance on using parental control settings on mobile phones.  This site will show you how to find information to help keep children safe online when using a mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Providers

These sites from the 4 main mobile phone providers provide inofrmation on common technologies that young people use today, along with a range of advice on how to protect your family online and when using mobile phones.


Setting Parental Controls on Games Consoles

YHGFL have produced these short videos on how to set the parental controls to prevent a child going onto the Internet or using inappropriate games. The videos cover the Nintendo Wii, a Sony PSP, Sony PlayStation3 and the Apple iPod Touch This section of the T-Mobile website has useful advice regarding mobile phone safety for parents.