Maths Department

The Mathematics department at Endeavour High School strives to get students to think in a more mathematical, logical and problem solving way, as we believe that developing these skills will enable our students to achieve the best results they can in their GCSE exam.  To achieve this we have decided to incorporate more active learning, problem solving and functional skills activities into our schemes of work and lessons. We are excited to be able to refresh our teaching and accommodate lots of new developments.

Year 7 and 8 Key Stage 3
Students will begin key stage 3 set according to ability, and be introduced to the functional skills and problem solving lessons that will be key preparation for when they begin the new GCSE in Key Stage 4.  Students will be assessed regularly during the Key Stage to ensure they are not falling behind the level at which they should be working.

Year 9
Year 9 students will continue with the Key Stage 3 syllabus but also be introduced to certain elements of the GCSE course in preparation for Key Stage 4. They will also sit a formal exam at the end of the year to assess their progress over the three years.

Year 10 and 11 Key Stage 4
The new GCSE course, which involves more functional skills real life problem questions, will be taught.  Students who are ready will be able to take the exam early at the end of Y10 or in November of Y11. Students will always be encouraged to strive to improve their grade even if they are successful in an early entry exam.  The progress of each student is monitored closely to ensure they are given every opportunity to achieve the best grade they can.  Students who find it difficult to achieve their goals will be offered help by way of additional classes, on line resources, and one to one tuition.

The Mathematics department follows the National Numeracy Strategy using a variety of teaching methods and resources.

The course is differentiated to stretch the more able and support the weaker students. In year 7, students are set into ability groups, and the appropriate one of three schemes of work is followed. All students follow the same curriculum. Regular monitoring and evaluation ensures that students’ progress is frequently considered.

The course is divided into four main teaching strands; Number; Algebra; Handling Data and Shape; Space and Measures and ICT is incorporated into all four strands.

Most homework in the department is set online on , click here to log on and see if you have any tasks to do.