Attendance Information

The Education Regulations 1991 require maintained schools to publish their rates of unauthorised student absence.  This is not possible for Endeavour High School, as we have no past record at this time. When published, these will be available as required.

Each School day begins with registration in form groups.

 08:45 - 9.00

 Registration / Assembly

 09.00 - 10.40

 Lesson 1

 10.40 - 10.55


 10.55 - 12.35

 Lesson 2

 12.35 - 1.20


 1.20 - 3.00

 Lesson 3



Good attendance supports achievement. Poor attendance does not lend itself to success.  If, however, your child is ill, you must telephone the school on the morning of their first day off school, and a dated note must be supplied on their return, giving reasons for the absence. If the absence is to be of any length of time (for example, in the case of a stay in hospital), it would be helpful if you could inform the Attendance Office when you call. Three days absence, or frequent absence, will cause us concern.

Permission for absence for special reasons - for example, medical or dental appointments, will be given by the Head of House. Taking holidays in term time will not be encouraged. It should be noted that this could have a serious effect on your child's education. A request for absence form must be completed and returned to the school before the holiday commences.  Normally, any child whose attendance is below 95% will not automatically have their absence authorised.

Students are expected to be punctual to school and to all lessons. No student should leave the school premises during the school day without written permission from the school and the issue of an authorised pass.

It is shown that attendance rates of 95% are needed for students to achieve their potential. Every student should aim to achieve at least this.


Hot meals and snacks are available from the school at lunchtime. Alternatively, students may bring a packed lunch, which will be eaten in a designated area. A set lunch costs approximately £2.00, depending on choice.


Applications for free school meals should be made to Kingston upon Hull Education Authority. The telephone number is 01482 610610.

Admissions are managed through the local education authority.